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About The Technology
Modern endodontic practice goes hand in hand with the latest advances in equipment and techniques. These result in better dental evaluations and treatment decisions for root canal problems.
About the Technology
Cone Beam CT Scanner
Cone Beam CT Questions
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Cone Beam CT Scan
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Cone Beam CT Scan
Operating Microscope
By using optimum magnification and illumination, the operating microscope allows us to see the finest details in a tooth's structure and to apply microsurgical techniques. With the assistance of optimum magnification, we can reach new levels of diagnosis and therapy in endodontic care.

Cone Beam CT Scan
The Cone Beam CT scanner is ‘state of the art’ technology that provides an x-ray image in three planes, giving us a far more accurate picture of the condition of your tooth. It is not required in every case, but has proved to be invaluable when it has been used. See also our Questions about using the Cone Beam CT scanner.

Digital Radiography
This is the digital equivalent of x-ray film and exposes patients to 50-90% less radiation. It is particularly suited to endodontics because it produces an image of superb quality that is instantly viewed on a computer monitor. This helps to reduce treatment time and improves patient communication.

Nickel Titanium Rotary Instruments
The files that are used to remove harmful material from the root canals and give them the correct shape are made of a new flexible material. The files are driven by a motor, which reduces the need for using hand instruments. This reduces the time required for preparation.

Cross Infection Control
All equipment used in your mouth is sterilized using the most modern and approved techniques. Disposable materials are discarded after single use and only new rotary nickel titanium instruments are used for preparation.

And for your Comfort
Most endodontic procedures place you in a reclined position for up to an hour and a half for each appointment. Our 'state-of-the-art' dental chair, with its soft cushioning and full articulated headrest, ensures that your head and neck are supported for maximum comfort. We provide a wide choice of music via high quality hi-fi, but you are also welcome to bring along your own music selection.
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