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The 'Endodontics Guide', prepared by London endodontist Dr. Tony Druttman, covers the main issues you should know about root canal treatment.

This handy guide explains the basic procedure and answers important questions. The brochure also includes a map (with Tube connections) for finding Tony's practice location.

Pick up a copy on your next visit to the practice, or let us send you one.
Endo specialist London
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How do you know if your teeth might need root canal treatment?
Without a thorough dental examination that includes taking high quality x-rays, it's impossible to come up with an accurate diagnosis. However if you're thinking about getting a second opinion, then the following may help.

Do you have?
Pain and swelling
Tenderness when you bite on a tooth
Prolonged pain with a stimulus (ie drinking hot or cold and the pain does not disappear as soon as the stimulus is removed)
Spontaneous pain (pain that comes on without you doing anything like chewing or drinking hot or cold drinks)
Lingering pain when you have bitten down on the tooth
Pain that comes from a tooth that has been crowned (possibly recently but not necessarily)
Pain from a tooth that has suffered trauma in the past
A pimple or raised swelling that has appeared in the gum adjacent to a tooth (that keeps coming back or is there all the time)
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While this is not a comprehensive list, it includes signs or symptoms that may be related to a damaged or infected root canal in a tooth.

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Endodontic specialist London
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