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Thank you for considering referral to endodontics specialist Dr. Tony Druttman in his London UK practice.

Tony and the endo team have helped many GP dentists to resolve problematic and challenging endodontic cases.
Specialised Treatment

Dr. Tony Druttman is an endodontist on the GDC's Specialist Dental Lists. These lists have been established to provide dentistry with similar referral processes that have served medicine so successfully for years.

We start with an accurate case assessment, which involves taking a detailed medical and dental history and preparing a good quality long cone periapical radiograph. We follow a methodical workflow to give your patient the best possible care and coordinate fully with your own clinical steps.

Skilled diagnosis
Our long expertise in endodontics allows us to make accurate diagnoses, even when teeth are heavily restored and symptoms are vague. Occlusal, periodontal and non-dental factors can often be involved. For general dentists to achieve this may prove extremely difficult and time-consuming.

Technical abilities
Endodontic treatment can be complex and demanding - as well as very frustrating when difficulties are encountered. To prepare for the unexpected, we equip our practice with the most modern and effective tools and procedures and tools. These include an operating microscope and access to one of London's few Cone Bean CT scanners used exclusively for endodontic applications. Please see our Technology pages.

Root treatment up close

Root canal treatment London Endodontic specialist London
Pulp stone occluding the floor of the pulp chamber and entrance to the root canals Chamber after removal of the pulp stone

Rapid and positive results
Our ability to anticipate likely root canal problems before they arise and follow correct procedures means that we can usually perform the treatment quickly and with a high measure of success. Following our treatment, we also contact your patient periodically to carry out a clinical audit of our work, at no extra charge. See our 'Endodontics Advice' page.

Calming nervous patients
We have extensive experience with anxious patients and those with a gag reflex. To put them at their ease, we apply numerous calming techniques.
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Our Endodontics Guide helps patients to understand the clinical issues
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