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You may have been told that you need either root canal treatment (endodontic treatment) or re-treatment.

If so, then you may well be referred to an endodontist, (a specialist in root canal treatment) by your general dentist, or perhaps you will decide to consult an endodontist independently.
Endo specialist London
Endodontics in a nutshell

Root canal treatment involves removing damaged or dead nerves and blood vessels in the tooth root that have become infected due to decay, cracks or trauma. The space left is then filled with a material that seals the tooth and keeps it functioning as before. Re-treatment involves the removal of existing root filling material, re-cleaning the canals and placing new filling material.

Specialist advice and treatment
Although endodontic treatment is carried out by many general dentists, there may be situations where a more predictable result may be achieved by a dental specialist, who has training to a higher level, more experience and equipment that general dentists may not use.

The complexity of endodontic treatment can range from those cases that are completely straightforward to those that will challenge the specialist, especially in re-treatment cases. It is not always easy to predict which category a particular case may fall into. Similarly diagnosis and case assessment may also be difficult.

Many general dentists do not use equipment such as an operating microscope (see About the Technology) and Cone Beam CT scanning equipment (see Cone Beam CT Scanner) which make diagnosis and treatment more predictable.

Your feedback
We encourage patients to give us feedback on the service and treatment that has been provided by the practice. This helps us to continuously monitor and improve the level of service that we provide. If you have any concerns about your treatment please let us know as we have procedures to deal with them promptly.

Dr. Tony Druttman
Dr. Tony Druttman is a leading London Endodontist with thirty years experience in this field. He will be able to give you the advice that is best for you. If there are different options for treatment that have not been explained to you, i.e. root canal treatment or extraction and an implant (see article about endodontics versus implants), he will explain the benefits of each alternative, helping you make a decision from a position of knowledge and understanding.

You don't need to be referred by a general dentist and if you'd like Tony to give you a second opinion about endodontic treatment, please complete the form on the Consult Us page.

Dr Tony Druttman's practice is located in London's West End.
See his biography.

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What happens inside your tooth
Endodontic specialist London
Decay can lead to damage of the tooth nerves, dental pulp and even abcess at root points
Endodontics London
Infected content of root canals is removed and replaced with special filling material. Healing can now start
Root canal treatment specialist London
The restored tooth with protective crown or cap
If you require independent dental advice, contact the General Dental Council
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