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Cone Beam CT Scanner
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Looking deeper into root canal problems

Being able to examine dental root canals in three dimensions is a great asset in the fight to preserve natural teeth. This is the job of the CBCT Scanner (Cone Beam CT). The ability to look at the roots of a tooth and the surrounding structures in three planes rather than one improves diagnosis and treatment planning. Problems that are hidden on conventional x-ray views become immediately apparent with CBCT technology.

The Practice has available at close hand a CBCT Scanner facility. This is one of very few scanners of its type available for dental clinical applications. The Morita Accuitomo CBCT Scanner that we use can x-ray a small volume (4 cubic centimeters) of the jaw and produce slice images in three planes.

Examples: the diagnostic difference that CBCT makes
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Fig 1: Left lateral incisor, with patient having symptoms. X-ray does not show a problem.
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Fig 2: Patient was having pain from the upper left quadrant. The x-ray does not show a problem.
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Fig 3: CBCT image shows a periradicular lesion associated with tooth 27.
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Fig 4: CBCT images show an infection above the tip of the root.
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